Had the same hair style for a decade? Always wanted to try something new? Well, look no further than Kroma.

Jody Ciplinski

A consultation with Jody will give you the confidence to be adventurous and push the boundaries: “people need to get butterflies to feel alive, and I can help them do that. By taking time to find out whats right for each individual we’ll achieve the look and style that works.”

Kroma’s priority is always to create beautiful hair to suit everyone’s needs. Everyday is a special occasion so it;s important to look your best. A Kroma head is cut, coloured and crafted to suit every person in their day to day life as well as for those special occasssions, and to provide the help and tools to recreate any style and look at home.

Nicola @ beauty box 

Nicola has over 15years experience in the beauty industry. Although trained in all aspects of beauty therapy she specialises in waxing in particular speed and intimate waxing. Her unique waxing method not only is super efficient but is Guaranteed to be the best wax you will ever have had. Her vast knowledge of waxing ensures you are in the safest hands during all waxing treatments.


She’s been with the salon five years. Highly trained in being gorgeous and giving the best cuddles. Can be found on most people’s knees sleeping.

November 2019